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Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol by Signpost Guides is a must driving guide for the independent traveler.  By giving a variety of sights and events for Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol, the independent traveler can plan a driving trip for as much or little time as allotted. Hours of operations, entrance costs and directions are just a few of the details available in this book.

Raus aufs Land is published by the German Dept of Agriculture.  The current addition lists 2930 places to stay in Germany from working farms, wineries, to resorts.  The book is divided by geographic area.  Each listing includes a picture and list of all amenities.  Although the book is written in German, there is a translation of symbols.  Telephone and fax numbers are given as well as the name of the German host family.  E-mail addresses and internet addresses are given for some of the places.  Directions are given to the local towns and larger towns.  There is a wide variety of prices depending on the number of amenities and services offered.  For instance, some of the places cater to children and include rainy day activities or camp facilities where the children can stay.  If as a traveler you want to experience Germany and the hospitality of the German people, these places are for you.  They are clean, have private bath and shower, and galley kitchens.


Berlin by Dorling Kindersly Travel Guides shows you what others only tell you.  The book is full of interesting tidbits about Berlin.  The city was once the grandest city in Germany only to be divided.  Now that it is whole again, Berlin is the center of museums, palaces, music, history, entertainment, beer, bars and architecture.  This guide gives you places to stay, visit, eat, be entertained and enjoy the culture.  

Berlin by Insight Guide gives its readers the sense of richness of Berlin.  The history, sights, and culture are displayed in pictures and exciting text.  So much has happened in Berlin that the reader senses the excitement of the city of lights that could not be subdued indefinitely.  Enjoy the city that has been returned to its greatness.

Berlin Guide

Berlin Second Addition

Berlin Second Edition by Gordon McLachlan gives history, maps, and places of interest.  Berlin is almost a country unto itself.  Now reunited to the jewel of former brilliance, Berlin is electric in its shopping, culture, architecture, and history. 

Oberammergau The Troubling Story of the World’s Most Famous Passion Play by James Shapiro describes the world famous Passion Play of Oberammergau, Germany.  This book talks about the play’s beginning, distress under Hitler, and modern day struggles.  Interesting reading for this time honored play.

Christmas Antiques Decorations and Traditions by Constance King a beautiful collection of pictures of Christmas Treasures.  From antique sleighs, tree decorations and cards with the history and origin behind them, Ms King has assembled a wonderful pictorial history of our celebrations.  The book notes the origin of the decorated trees and Christmas fairy came from Germany.  It also lists Italy, England, and of course, America’s contributions to the whole celebration of Christmas.  This is a terrific coffee table book for giving or just enjoying.

World Cities Berlin edited by Alan Balfour gives the reader who is interested in architecture and urban development an involvement with Berlin’s revitalization and redevelopment programs.  Bridging the gap between east and west for a unified economy, housing opportunities, and cultural attractions, has been an ongoing challenge for Berlin.  This book discusses plans with architectural drawing and in many cases real pictures of the finished product.

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