DEPART USA ON May 27, 2017 AND RETURN ON June 10,2017

We at Travel Germany are pleased to introduce our Swiss-Alpen-Bavaria Tour. This is a 15 day and 13 night escorted tour of Germany Austria, and Switzerland. It starts and ends in Frankfurt, Germany and will cover some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. We will visit Heidelberg in Germany, Montreux in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Innsbruck, Austria, Garmisch-Partenkirchen,the Zugspitze, Berchtesgaden, Eagles Nest, Prien am Chiemsee, Rothenberg, and Aschaffenburg in Germany. That is our route now for the details. Our group will be small so we can all enjoy the trip. My name is Fran Colter and I will be your host and driver.

On day one, May 27,2017, you will leave the USA for an overnight flight to Frankfurt. I will meet you in Frankfurt in the morning on Day 2 and we will drive a short 1 hour to Heidelberg for 1 night. Heidelberg is famous for its red castle which sits high above the town. It will be Sunday when we arrive and the shops will not be open but we will explore the castle and Neckar River. Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in Germany. About 30,000 students attend this world famous university.

Day 3, after a breakfast buffet, will find us driving south-west towards Montreux, Switzerland. We'll cross the Rhein River and enter Switzerland close to Basel. Switzerland is unique in that it did not join the European Union which means it has maintained it's own Swiss Franc monetary system and a traveler must go through a border control and pay a toll for entry. Once past Basel, we will enter the Alpine region. Every vista is more beautiful then the last. According to mapquest, the trip from Heidelberg to Montreux should take 3 hours and 53 min., however, we can stop often for pictures, rest areas and of course, snacks and drinks. Switzerland has 4 languages: english, german, italian, and french. This particular spot is called the Swiss Riviera and all 4 languages are spoken. Once we check into our hotel for 3 nights, we can walk the promenade along Lake Geneva. It has lush foliage, a beautiful lake front and of course, the Alps.

On day 4, is Chocolate train day. We'll board the 9:35 Chocolate Train and enjoy fresh croissants and coffee on our way to Broc to visit the Cailler Chocolate Factory. Nestle Chocolate Co is Swiss owned and we'll visit the original factory. Of course, we'll have to sample the wonderful chocolate. Also this train stops at Gruyeres where the cheese comes from. After sampling the cheese, we will take a tram ride up to the old town of Gruyeres complete with castle. Eventually, we board the train and return to Montreux. After a day of chocolate and cheese indulgence, the evening is free for a night on the town or relaxing.

Day 5 will find us driving around the lake to visit the Castle of Chillon in Veytaux. It sits in the lake and it's the place that inspired Lord Byron's "Prisoner of Chillon"Back on the Montreux side of the lake we can visit the wineyards of Lavaux. Of course, we just may have to do some wine tasting. In the evening, there is a casino to visit or just relaxing at an outdoor restaurant enjoying the sunset.

On day 6 we will drive to the little country of Liechtenstein. It is a separate country surrounded by Switzerland and Austria. It's capital is Vaduz and the principality is still ruled by monarchy, Prince Hans-Adam II. Liechenstein has a mere 30,000 inhabitants and the highest per- capita income in Europe. It is 160 sq km in size or about .9 times the size of Washington, DC. We'll journey on to Innsbruck, Austria for a 2 night stay.

Day 7, after breakfast buffet, will find us visiting the Swarovski Crystal Worlds which is just a short drive from Innsbruck in Wattens. Swarovski makes beautiful crystal figurines and jewelry. The pieces have lots of sparkle and pizazz. In the afternoon, we will visit the inner city of Innsbruck.

On Day 8 we will drive to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Garmisch was the site of the 1936 winter olympics. The town has many quaint shops and hotels, many with elaborate paintings on the buildings depicting fairy tales and occupations. One such street is Ludwigstrasse in Partenkirchen. We can stroll the street and enjoy the outdoor cafes.

After breakfast on Day 9, we will drive a short distance to the Zugspitze. This is the highest point in Germany and there is a wonderful cable car ride to the top. We can see Germany and Austria on a clear day. There is an observation platform and outdoor cafe where you can sit at the top of Germany. It is believed that the Zugspitze is the home of the gods. We will return to Garmisch.

Day 10 will find us driving a short distance to visit Ettal which is a working monastary in the Alps. The church is breathtakingly beautiful. There is plenty of wine and beer to sample. A little further down the road is Linderhof. This is a castle built by King Ludwig II in the Alps. The scenery is crisp and clean. Makes me want to yodel, but I won't. We will drive to Prien am Chiemsee for 3 nights stay.

Day 11 will find us driving to Berchesgaden to experience the Eagles's Nest. This was Hitler's private teahouse located high in the Alps. It was accessible by a gold elevator. It affords a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The ride up to the elevator is by bus and it is thrilling. After the Eagles's Nest, we will visit the beautiful town of Berchtesgaden.

Day 12 will finding us on the Chiemsee. This beautiful lake is located at the base of the Alps. The lake is crystal clear and with the Alps in the background, the view from the ship is fantastic. We will take the ship out to the Castle Herrenchiemsee. Built by King Ludwig II in the 1860's, it was patterned after the French Palace Versalles. King Ludwig bought the entire island in the lake and turned it into his private retreat. We'll take the tour of the island and castle. The castle was never completely finished before the King's mysterious death. After the castle tour, we'll get back on the boat and travel to the Frauen Island. This is a women's island complete with nunnery and beautiful church. Unlike the Herrenchiemsee, other people live on this island. The end of the line is in Gstadd. After a brief stop there, we will return to Prien by ship. A familiar sight at the habor is the little green train. This was built in the 1860's to transport the King from the town of Prien to the habor to transfer out to his island. We'll travel on this cute train to town and back. Prien itself is very small but the buildings are charming and interesting.

Day 13 will find us on the romantic road. We've left the mountains behind and are driving northernly. We'll spend 1 night in Rothenberg. This city is like stepping back in time. The shopping is exciting. Its a bonanza of Christmas items, steins, nutcrackers, and clocks. We can take the evening tour with the night watchman as he makes his rounds keeping the city safe. The tour is in english and the watchman is quite entertaining.

Day 14 finds us driving to Aschaffenburg. It is located on the Main river and affords a beautiful promenade river walk. It has an underground shopping mall and nice old town shopping area. It is located a short 30 minutes from the Frankfurt airport.

On day 15, we have to say "Auf Wiedersehn" to Germany. I will deliver you back to the Frankfurt airport for your morning or early afternoon flight back to the USA. We have a great deal of sight-seeing planned. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. I never tire of travelling in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

All the hotels we will stay at will be 3 stars or above so each room will have its own bathroom. All hotels will have reception staff that speak English. Most of the hotels will have an elevator but if no elevator, hotel staff will assist with our luggage. A scrumpous breakfast buffet is included each day.

Included in the costs of this trip is transportation to and from the airport in Germany, 13 nights accommendations with breakfast buffets, all ground transportation in Germany and entrance fees for scheduled sightseeing. Not included are lunches, snacks, dinners, and drinks. Of course, shopping is at your expense. Airfare costs are not included but available through Travel Germany or you may book your own. You will need to arrive in Frankfurt before noon on May 28, 2017.

The price for 15 days and 13 nights is $3595 based on double occupancy with an additional $550 for single rate.

Just a note of reminder that Germany, Austria, and Switzerland do not necessarily have handicapped facilites available. There is a great deal of walking involved with this trip and we all need to be in good physical condition. Sturdy walking shoes are a must. The weather should be warm with cool nights at this time of year but we will be in the mountains so we need to be prepared. Also, these countries do not have air conditioning like in the US. This includes hotels, shops, and restaurants. The car, van or bus will have air conditioning.

Travel insurance is available through Travel Germany. Ask for details.

Please read the terms and conditions for additional information/details/deposits/refunds. Terms and Conditions

I look forward to having you join me as we explore the Alpen regions.

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