FANS - 50% off

Travel Germany currently stocks 4 fans. Fans are such a colorful fashion accessory to compliment any outfit. If you become a little warm, there is nothing like a cool breeze to cool you off. There are 2 different scenes: The Mosel and the Rhein River. Each scene comes in black or white with gold color accents and black or white lace. They normally retail for $10.00 but are currently 50% off so now the fans are $5.00 each plus shipping and handling.

This white or black fan features scenes from the Mosel River. The Mosel produces wonderful Reisling and red wines. Zeller Schwart Katz comes from this region. The Mosel flows from Trier,Germany to Koblenz,Germany and into the Rhein River. The hillsides are covered with vinyards.

This black or white fans features scenes from Father Rhein River. For centuries, the Rhein River has provided a direct shipping link from the Bodensee north to Rotterdam and the North Sea. The middle Rhein has a castle at every turn in the river.

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