Color photo guides are available for the following areas: Garmisch-Partenkirchen-Small, Beautiful Bavaria, Munich, Bamberg, Berlin, Bernkastel-Kues, Castles on Rhein, Chiemsee, Dresden, Frankfurt, Garmisch-Large, Guides to the Castles, Herren Chiemsee, King Ludwig, Koblenz, Lake Constance, Romantic Road, Rothernberg, Stuttgart, Tegernsee, Trier, Wartburg, Weimar, Zugspitze, and Germany.

Each guide contains many beautiful photos of the specific areas.  If you have ever been to Germany,

you will recall the beauty of the land and the buildings. If you have never been to Germany.

The color photo guides will bring the charm and beauty to you.

Color Photo Guides



Garmisch Partenkirchen

Schones Bayernwidth

Germany contains photos from Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin and ends up in the German Alps. Short descriptions
 accompany the different areas for easy placement. The reader gets the feel for the different
architectural styles. This is a must for any traveler. $10.00

Munich contains 104 photos of Munich such as the famous carillon at the new town hall, Hofbrauhaus,
 Nymphenburg Palace, and Olympic Park. $8.00

Garmisch-Partenkirchen the small edition contains 96 photos in and around Garmisch plus the Zugspitze and other
beautiful locations in the German Alps. $8.00

Beautiful Bavaria contain 45 photos of Bavaria such as Linderhof Castle, the Benedictine
Monastery Ettal, Mittenwald, and Fussen. $7.00

Bamberg contain 116 photos of Bamberg such as Little Venice on the Main River, the new Residence, the beautiful Imperial Cathedral, and of course, the Old Town Hall located in the Main River. $ 10.00

Bernkastel-Kues contain many photos of this beautiful little town on a curve in the Moselle River. The beautiful half-timbered houses are picturesque. Wine flows freely and elegantly from this region. $8.00

Castles on the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne contains photos of 32 castles along with descriptions. This stretch of the Rhine River has a delightful skyline with the steep hills covered with grapevines and castle towers at every turn. $12.50

Around the Chiemsee features the beautiful lake in southern Bavaria. This area has some of the most beautiful scenery including the calm lake water with the reflection of the snow covered German Alps. There are several islands in the lake including Frauninsel with it's 8th century convent. The convent is still used today. Another island is Herrenchiemsee which is home to a castle built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 1870's. The castle is patterned after Versailles in France. This castle is beautifully preserved and the interior is very ornate and the fountains are very enchanting. This is truly a unique area. $15.00

Dresden contains beautiful photos of the city and environs including Bastei Rock, Pillnitz Castle, and Moritzburg Castle. This city has been rebuilt and stands today as a City of Art. $10.00

Frankfurt contains photos 96 photos of this interesting and varied city. Located on the Main River, Frankfurt is a blend of historical buildings and skyscrapers. The skyine is unique. Frankfurt is the heart of Germany's banking center. $10.00

Garmisch-Partenkirchen the large version is a photographer's dream. Located in the German Alps in southern Bavaria, this area has magic vistas to excite everyone. The photos are truly magificent. $15.00

Guide To The Castles Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee has fantastic photos of the castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. While each castle is unique, the common thread between them is magic. This guide features many photos of the interior and describes the history behind them and we get a look at his fairytale world. $10.00

Guide to Herrenchiemsee Palace and the Fraueninsel Island features 59 photos of these 2 unique islands located in the Chiemsee in southern Bavaria. Boat service provides access to the islands and the islands are a walker's dream. Every turn is an interesting vista with the calm Chiemsee and the German Alps in the background. The photos of the Castle, convent and grounds are exciting and yet peaceful. $8.00

King Ludwig II his life and his end gives an account of this fairytale king's life. He was very mysterious all of his life and died under mysterious circumstances. This book contains photos and sketchs in black and white and describes his life. $8.00

Koblenz and the Deutsches Eck is a photo guide to the city of Koblenz and the German Corner where the Rhine and Moselle Rivers met. It was a very important point for control of transportation and military power. There is a beautiful fortress located over the meeting of the rivers called Ehrenbreitstein fortress. The area has many promenade walks along the rivers. $8.00

Lake Constance contains 200 photos of this beautiful lake at the meeting of Germany, Swizterland, and Austria with the Alps to the south. The area is very picturesque and interesting locale. The shoreline is 273km long and this guide covers the sights including the Rhine River Falls in Schaffhausen. $10.00

Romantic Road from the Main River to the Alps contains 150 photos. It starts in Wurzburg and continues through the cure town of Bad Mergentheim and walled cities of Rothenberg and Dinkelsbuhl. The castle Neuswanstein is on the route as well as Augsburg. The final destination is Fussen. The trip leaves a lasting beautiful memory. $10.00

Rothenburg ob der Tauber features 148 photos of this famous walled city. Reconstructed to its former architecture it is today a charming look at the past. Overlooking the Tauber River, the wall gave this town a good defense. Located on the Romantic Road in Bavaria, Rothenburg is well worth a visit. $10.00

Stuttgart contains 96 photos this important business center in Germany which includes Daimler-Benz, Bosch, Porsche, Neoplan, IBM, Kodak, and Alcatel-Sel. Located in the Neckar Valley, Stuttart blends the old and the new architecture. $10.00

Schones Tegernseer Tal located in Bavaria features this beautiful, lush area doted with chalets with flowers flowing from every level. Peaceful, quiet elegance are words used to describe this area. $15.00

Trier is the oldest city in Germany. Located on the Moselle River, this area is history rich. $10.00

Wartburg Eisenach is a photo delight of the castle Wartburg overlooking the city of Eisenach located in central Germany. Martin Luther lived in Wartburg in 1521 and Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenbach in 1685. $8.00

Weimar located in central Germany is famous as the "city of German classics." The famous poet Goethe, composer Franz Liszt, and poet Friedich Schiller made it their home. Weimar hosts Belvedere Castle, Orangery and Courtier's cottages. $8.00

Top of Germany Zugspitze features 60 photos of the 2964 meter highest point in Germany. Located in southern Germany high in the Alps, this area is nature at its best. From the top, one has a spectacular view of 4 countries and an impressive panorama of canyons, valleys, lakes and mountain peaks. $8.00

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