This tour is the Rhine and Moselle River wine tour. This is my favorite wine country and we'll taste as many wines as you like. The Rieselings and Red wines are outstanding in this area. Also the river views are breathtaking. The area is rich with local vinters and also some of the better known vinters such as Zeller Schwartz Katz. We'll view the vinyards, check out the processing of the grapes, and enjoy the end results. Red or white, dry, semi-sweet or eiswein(late harvest and the sweetest), delicious wines await your pleasure. My name is Fran and I will be your driver and guide for this wine adventure.

We'll meet at the airport in Frankfurt on August 27, 2017, and start our wine adventure. We'll travel to Rüdesheim on the Rhine River about 50 kilometers west of Frankfurt. Rüdesheim is home to the most famous street in Germany, Drosselgasse. The night life and merriment abound from this area. There are many open air clubs with small bands for your listening or dancing pleasure. The conga, twist, polka, and waltz are just a few of the many dances you may want to participate in. No partner, no problem. Rüdesheim is a party town. For those of us that are adventurous, there is Rüdesheimer Kaffee to try which you will only find in Rüdesheim. The shopping is unique in this area featuring the local artistry and artists from all over Germany. Many river tour ships dock at Rüdesheim and we'll try a 1/2 day cruise to Bacharach and back.

For those of us up to it, we'll take a cable car(Seilbahn) ride from Rüdesheim over the top of the grape vineyards to a viewing point high above the Rhine at the statute Germania. We'll stay in Rüdesheim for 2 nights. We'll work our way north along the Rhine towards Koblenz. There are no bridges along the Rhine at this point but many ferries operate this stretch of the river. We'll visit the famous Loreli Rock where the lovely fraulein lured many sailors to her rocks. There seems to be a castle at every turn in the Rhine. Some have been restored, some are privately held, and many are in ruins.

We'll stay the next 2 nights at Koblenz which is a beautiful old city situated at the German Corners, Deutsches Eck. We'll visit the Fort, Ehrenbreitstein Fortstress, situated high above the joining of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers where we'll enjoy the breathtaking view of this beautiful area. It's fascinating to see 3 shipping lanes of river traffic on the Rhine. The rivers flow north to the North Sea ending at Rotterdam, Netherlands. We'll visit the Equestrian Statute of Kaiser Wilhelm I located at the meeting point of the rivers, enjoy a beautiful promendade walk along the Moselle and Rhine rivers, visit the Basilica of St. Kastor, enjoy a leasure stroll through the marketplatz and sample the local fare.

At this point, we'll join the Moselle River and travel under the Winningen bridge. Every town has its own local wine and we will try to sample as many as we want. We'll stop at Moselkern and check out Burg Eltz, a beautiful, preserved medieval castle. Its a walking path over to the castle so start your walking exercises now.

We'll spend some time at Cochem. It's a romantic town on a bend in the Moselle, home to the Castle of Cochem. We'll spend a leisure afternoon riding on a river boat sampling some of the local wines watching the hillsides flow by. We'll spend 2 nights in Burg at a local winery. Our hosts will celebrate us with a private wine tasting party in their "special room". It is a very small operation but they make some delicious wines.

We'll visit Zell, Bernkastel-Kues, and Traben-Trarbach. Bernkastel-Kues is particularily known for its half-timbered houses and market square. On one of my trips I stopped at a very small winery in Brauneberg. The weingut was Rainer Heil. I just had to stop and sample his wines as my maiden name was Heil. As you can imagine, I loved his wines. Don't know if we are related but his wines were excellent. The Moselle River has many twists and turns and is home for geese, swans, and many ducks.

Our next city visited will be Trier. Trier is the oldest city in Germany so we'll find many historic sites to visit such as Porta Negra and the Roman baths. We'll stay 3 nights in Trier. If you're interested, we can drive over to Luxembourg for the day as we'll be about 40 miles from there.

After leaving Trier we'll take a leisure drive over to Mainz located about 50 kilometers south of Frankfurt on the Rhine river. Mainz is the capital of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is home to the beautiful Dom which houses many jeweled religous pieces. We can spend our evenings strolling the downtown area of Mainz. For those of us in the gaming mood, we can take in the casino in Weisbaden.

Our last 2 nights will be spent in Heidelberg on the Neckar River. Heidelberg is home to the beautiful red faced castle which lays in ruins overlooking the river. We'll ride the new lift to the castle grounds. It has a commanding view of the city and the bridge. Heidelberg boasts one of the longest pedestrian zones with many interesting churches and of course the Dom. The castle contains the largest wine vat in the world and it even has a dance floor on it.

I will deliver you back to the airport at Frankfurt for your flight home on September 9, 2017.

We have a great deal of wine tasting and sight-seeing planned. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. I'm already thinking about how few clothes I can pack to save room in my suitcase for my "treasures".

All the hotels we will stay at will be 3 stars or above so each room will have its own bathroom. All hotels will have an elevator and the reception staff will speak English. A scrumpous breakfast buffet is included each day. There is 1 exception to this rule and that is the winery at Burg. All rooms will have their own bath but there is no elevator.

Included in the costs of this trip is transportation to and from the airport in Germany, 13 nights accommendations with breakfast buffets, all ground transportation in Germany and entrance fees for scheduled sightseeing. Not included are lunches, snacks, dinners, minibar, laundry services, spa services, telephone calls and alcohol. Of course, shopping is at your expense. Airfare costs are not included but available through Travel Germany or you may book your own. You will need to arrive in Frankfurt before noon on August 27, 2017.

The price for 15 days and 13 nights is $3495 based on double occoupancy with an additional $500 for single rate.

Just a note of reminder that Germany does not necessarily have handicapped facilites available. There is a great deal of walking involved with this trip and we all need to be in good physical condition. Sturdy walking shoes and warm clothes are a must. The weather should be warm with cool nights at this time of year so we need to be prepared.

Travel insurance is available through Travel Germany. Ask for details.

Please read the terms and conditions for additional information/details/deposits/refunds. Terms and Conditions

I look forward to having you join me as we explore the wine regions of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers.

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